Linda Charles, PhD Linda Charles, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist
California License: PSY 8506
Tel: (858) 481-6836

I received my doctorate from UCLA, and have been a clinical psychologist for 25 years. During school I worked in Pediatric Neurology with children who had attention deficit hyperactive disorder and learning problems and with their parents and teachers on management of these problems.  This became a specialty area for many years.  Later my practice became more general and I treated depression, anxiety, stress, marital problems, family interaction problems, and life passage challenges.  My approach is generally focused on problem solving, using behavioral and cognitive strategies. I also have training in dream work, hypnosis, meditation, and pain management.  I helped organize the Breast Health Center at Naval Medical Center, working for three years with breast cancer patients and their families.  I was named a Fellow of the San Diego Psychological Association and am a recipient of the Silver Psi Award from the California Psychological Association.